Here are some obsolete patches for the Commodore 128 CP/M system. The newest system version is in the ../system/ directory.


asciisys.lbr 1994-08-05 5760
asciisys.readme 1994-05-14 524
ASCIISYS.COM is a program which will modify the 12/6/85 CPM+.SYS
to accommodate standard ascii printers and print buffers.
bdosrep.lbr 1998-02-24 31744
Updates your CP/M BDOS. You can either re-assembler your BDOS, or run a program included in this file to update it.
bios-r62.lbr 1994-08-05 148224
bios-r62.readme 1994-08-05 872
This is release #2 of CP/M Plus BIOS Revision 6 for the Commodore 128.
c128-new.doc 1994-08-05 11961
c128-new.irv 1994-08-05 2466
A C128 CP/M CPM+.SYS upgrade (modem support)
c128cnf3.lbr 1994-08-05 10880
This LBR contains the Commodore C128 CP/M configure program, dated 21-Jan-86. This version replaces earlier CONF programs. Also, an error in PRINTER.HLP has been corrected.
c1571-2.com 1994-08-05 1024
Commodore C128 disk write speedup #2
fastbios.pma 1998-08-02 140544
fastbios.readme 1998-08-02 2593
A BIOS patch that accelerates e.g. the screen output.
format2.com 1994-08-05 2304
format2.doc 1994-08-05 277
FORMAT2.COM - C128 CP/M FORMAT PROGRAM - Released by Commodore 1 May 1986
format81.lbr 1994-08-05 8704
Format the 1581 on C128 under CP/M
newsys.com 1994-08-05 27136
Upgrades the C128 CP/M CPM+.SYS file. See also c128-new.doc.

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