These utilities are for the Z system.


c128-xgr.lbr 1994-08-05 4096
c128-xgr.readme 1994-08-05 310
C128-XGR.LBR contains a new Z3 Termcap for the Commodore 128
with C128 line graphics. Programs like ZDT12+ will print line
graphic boxes.
lbrhlp22.lbr 1994-08-05 54528
Utilities for displaying ZCPR3 HLP files, which may be stand-alone or within libraries, and may be crunched, squeezed, or uncompressed. Version 2.2 has a couple of new navigation commands, adds help file documentation, and is slightly smaller.
zdb18c.lbr 1994-08-05 43776
zdb18c.readme 1994-08-05 435
ZDB (ZCPR3 DataBase) is a small (8K), very fast and easy to use
name and address database manager that can print envelopes and labels. Requires a VLIB4D+ graphics Z3TCAP. See ZDBxx.HLP.
zdt12p.lbr 1994-08-05 9088
ZDT is the Z-System Day Timer application (also runs under ZCCP).
zf10q.lbr 1994-08-05 120192
ZF is the ZFiler file maintenance shell for Z-System and ZCCP.
zman-new.lbr 1994-08-05 97024
zman-new.readme 1994-08-05 399
This is the Z-System Users Guide published by Echelon in 1986.

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